# Proposal 4: A twitter competition


African Community members will wear a Callisto banner for a month on their twitter profile.


As a reward, I propose 15 CLO per participants. I hope to have 100 participants I the first month.

Ambassador Name



First, I will annonce the competition in the community.

Then, I will open a list of registration at competition. The delay of registration will depend on delay of realization of the banner.

Once carried out, I will share the banner with participant at competition and mark the date of competition beginning.

At end of every week, I will inspect twitter profile of each participant and take notes of observation.

At the end of competition delay, a appreciation will be done and rewards will be distributed to participants who have followed the rules.

Thanks you


I know what you are talking about I 2nd this.

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#TontonBenz hi

What do you think?

Hey Smart!

As we discussed in Telegram, I would like you to submit a final proposal bro.

Your community counts more than 2000 members, so the current proposal is not appropriate.

I have provided you with some Twitter bounties examples, you could get some ideas from them :+1:

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Yes . I’m on it

I will share it with you today

# Proposal 4: A Bitcointalk Twitter Bounty


African community members will wear a Callisto Banner for a month on their twitter profile. They will do some like and retweet tasks in addition and get followers.
Number of participants : 1000


Total Budget : 20 000 CLO

Allocation: 5 000 CLO per week

Rewards per week

01- 10 followers : 1CLO

11- 20 followers : 2CLO

21- 30 followers : 3CLO

31- 50 followers : 4CLO

+50 followers : 5CLO


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Ok, I like this format. I suggest you create a Google Form, it will allow us to track the participation.

Let’s prepare a post for the community, if the timeframe is OK for you we could start the contest on Monday 12 July.

We will allocate 20,000 CLO for this campaign, so the duration will depend mainly on the budget, but I agree, we can set the initial campaign duration at one month.

From my side, I will talk with Di K to have a Twitter banner ready for the weekend.

:white_check_mark: Proposal approved.

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Thank you mate :+1:

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Thank you guys for your contributions.

I would like to inform you of the competition launch today.

You will find the competition rules below:


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Thank you Smart, good luck with your competition :muscle:

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Thank you TontonBenz