NFTs, NFT fractions, NFTs at Telegram via Crypto Bot

NTFs on Telegram which you can buy (shards / fractions / % or all of it )* and sell them via @Crypto_TheBot , and get some special NFTs ( can be randomly selected when uploaded to the platform ) shards when you share them at Telegram ( for marketing purposes ).

When you buy a NFT with $CLO, it swaps small amount of fees or purchase amount and buy back project token from market ( - automatically via smart contract.

For creating NFTs you gotta pay with project token, but for selling and buying you need to use $CLO

For example, if there is an NFT on Callisto Network, we will assign it to @Crypto_TheBot (it can be a code, number or contract address of NFT) and those who want will be able to buy and sell a certain part or all of it.

project token distribution: Airdrop to Cold Stakers and Liquidity Providers

*NFT fractions/shards = a NFT max supply will be 10.000 and we will be able to buy 5 or 150 of it.

Team : Giray, MyCryptoOdyssey, Popa Callisto, Dragomir Tenev, ZatoTV, Maxime, UnHoly1

feel free to contact with us


I like the idea of purchasing a fractional NFT. This concept allows for multiple potential owners to purchase an NFT and the fractional share can then be bought and sold.

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