Funding Request #4 (CLO Music Platform) (Company)

Start budget: 24 000 USD
Total budget: Cannot be estimated yet
Expertise: Smart contract development, Mobile App development, Web development, Marketing
Refer: Vladimir Vencalek

Aim of the project:
The aim of this project is to create a platform for music fans where fans can collects and trades music NFTs.
This platform have a specific mechanism which will “burn” some of the NFTs => the value of NFTs will growth.
The platform allow artists to create NFTs only for high-quality content => it is different from actual NFT platforms where anyone can sell anything.
Platform can works as a “crowd funding platform” for undiscovered artist.
The platform offers very user friendly GUI specialized for music consumers.

Market and competitors
CLO Music Platform project targets music streaming users (only Spotify and Apple has 100 million users) => the market will be in tens of millions users.
There is a wide range of competitors that offers NFTs. But this platform has some very specific element which will be described in more detailed analysis document.

There is a risk only in the delivery of the solution to the market. If the solution will be copied by someone in the early stage and will be delivered earlier this can be a problem.

In this description only few features was mentioned. More detailed document is send directly to the team.


Given the growth of NFTs, creating unique audio NFTs and a marketplace to buy, sell and trade is new and out-of-the-box thinking. I would recommend revising the proposal to include a commission benefit for the idea. Example .5% on sale fees charged and collected to be paid to the originator of the this proposal. Excellent idea!


This is actually a brilliant idea. This idea reminds me the music coin which disappeared in history.


Yes, I held a bit of that. The vision of that project was to use it as a payment coin for music bands and music based transaction. It was not a ridiculous concept, just did not make it.