Funding Request #2 ( CryptoBot )


As we could see, our telegram bot (@Crypto_TheBot) is already fully supporting Callisto Ecosystem.

For example, the main Callisto Network coin (CLO), the tokens built on Callisto blockchain (CLOE and BUSDT), as well as 2 formats of Cold Staking.
We are running a weekly lottery where the people could participate and get a chance to win a solid amount of CLO/CLOE.
Send tips or make a rain once the community reached some conditions (engagement on Twitter as an example).

It is helping a lot for the end-user to manage their assets as well. Have received the notification regarding their staking status, withdraw their coins/tokens, manage their private key, and use the bot as the primary wallet. Presently the is supporting 9 languages.

Last implemented features: (sender) could generate a check (voucher) that can be sent / forward into a chat/channel or a private message to a Telegram user.
Just imagine that to receive this transfer, the target user doesn’t need to have communicated with the bot before (have an account). He/she only needs to click on the start button once the check is generated, and the will create a new wallet for him/her and deposit the transfer.


To continue with the bot’s developments and maintain the existing system, we are requesting some collaborations. We will provide for Callisto Enterprise some amount of the shares to guarantee this type of collaboration format.

We need about 8000 USD a month to support our existing team, where we already have 3 programmers (2 backends and 1 front-end) and a project manager.

Our goal

Have a wallet that will accept receiving and managing the crypto assets via social networks (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and much more).
We would like to show the whole world that we don’t have any borders, and with a few clicks, you could receive the crypto coins anywhere in the world with a minimal commission.

How and what would we like to improve?

  1. Have a full copy of all existing functions in a web version.
  2. Add/support more tokens/coins.
  3. Have a PWA version as well as Android / iOS Apps.
  4. To have more free functions (chat monitoring, community management) that will allow more users to use the bot for free and attract more ppl.
  5. Decentralized Exchange.
  6. Cash integration.
  7. Have an API.
  8. Translate in 15 languages.
  9. Referrals system.
  10. Private group manager.
  11. Cover Callisto ecosystem needs.


The simple way to make sure the transfer process is fast is by choosing the right provider to help you send money abroad.

You can use CryptoBot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your own home. This means that you don’t have to travel to a bank or money transfer store and wait in line to send your money. You can do it all on your smartphone or laptop at all hours of the day or night.

How fast is sending money with CryptoBot?

Your money usually arrives close to real-time. So, in the time it takes you to make a cup of tea or look at the weather forecast, your money should have arrived on the other side of the world!

Depending on where you’re sending money, your recipient’s bank processing time may be slightly longer than ours.

Welcome to the Crypto, welcome to the Bot!!


Hello, our team is highly interested. You can consider this project as pre-approved. We will go trough legal agreements together as its visible we will need to use Callisto Enterprise funds as well.


Thanks a lot Vladimir!
Looking forward for this collaboration opportunity :+1: