Funding Request #1 VORZ DAO Expansion to Callisto Network

Hi Callisto Network,

My name is Paul, and one of the team project manager, dev, founder, & idealist of Vorz Labs Inc. Vorz Labs is an early startup building & scaling in the metaverse multichain. Vorz would love to expand its reach into the Callisto network to push our first project, a tokenized app concept of social network called Vorz app which is available on playstore already.

Fund Needed: $25,000
Reason: VORZ Expansion to Callisto Network

Vorz App

Vorz App had 10k+ users that keeps growing everyday! For that we need more funding to scale further with marketing and development purposes. All users will be able to receive airdrops from Vorz making them a holders and an app users co-founding a semi-decentralized movement.

Market Abstract
Our app resembled that of TikTok with a $50B valuation while its parent company Bytedance is at $450B. One Billion plus people are active on the social network industry but only 300M people use or know cryptocurrency so by introducing the socialfi initiative we can somehow expand that magnitude and market the product faster. Gamefi is good but not all people play games reason we are now rushing into the socialfi space instead since people are using social app daily than playing games.

TikTok doesn’t have any web3 tokenized concept or NFTs related use-case but Vorz will build its own NFTs marketplace to let its content creators convert their contents as NFTs easily while letting our multichain token become the currency inside vorz ecosystem as governance and utility. Meta Facebook in the other hand is so centralized and people don’t like that kind of metaverse either from their web2 experience.

Social app dominated the web2 and we are now building a hybrid of it into web3. India’s Chingari already booted their mainnet called GARI DAO and started to scale on the Solana network but we are doing it in the Multichain such as BSC, Polygon, Fantom, and now Callisto so on.

The Vorz project is an idea from the old Ophir and now Philippines with 92.5M social media users that wants to onboard the Filipino people with fast approach strategy blitzkrieg before anyone else i.e. competition. Vorz will start as a homegrown targeting the 92.5M Filipino on its ads then expand globally.

Since we’ve already had the android version which was built from the vorz development, it still lacked the web and iOS. We need funding for that, but it will cost a total of $40k for our developers and marketing cost to proceed. As for now we only need $25,000 to expand in Callisto Network. Blockchain Integration, Security audit, and NFTs marketplace development expenses will be different but will be continued once we grow after finishing first our web and iOS.

5.17 Billion VORZ will be added in Callisto VORZ liquidity and we would offer the 1% token to Callisto management as an offer of gratitude and long term-partnership endurance proposal to dedication. 100B will be the total supply of all VORZ multichain, and will be burning the rest to match the supply from other chains. In total there will only be 6.17 Billion VORZ circulating in Callisto. 5.17 Billion VORZ will be held in the Soy Finance + 1 Billion VORZ offering token to Callisto.

Vorz will be using its own standard smart contract to deploy on Callisto Network. The Vorz will build in crosschain to Callisto network, and would love to do partnership as well aside from Polygon. We would surely spend some from the funds granted from Callisto for Vorz token Liquidity inside Callisto chain too.

For a call request we can always schedule that from our other team co-founder speaker to attend if necessary.

Our Owner Wallet Fund Receiver:

[email protected]