Funding Request #1 (How to)

To facilitate the process of consultation and discussion of your funding request, please follow this template.


Reference Number

In order to track your funding request, we suggest that you assign a reference number to your project in the title, in addition to its name.

Ex: Funding Request #1 ( Project Name ) ( Feature )

Project Type

Callisto’s Treasury is intended to fund the development of the Callisto Network ecosystem, whether it is a new feature or the formation of a company. In the case of a company should be established, a specific number of shares will be requested based on the amount of financing involving the Treasury.

In specific cases, if extensive funding is required, we can provide financing for Callisto Enterprise.

There are two main types of funding:

Project - Full project build or connected to Callisto Network.

Functionality - A feature that enhances Callisto Network.

Ex 1: Funding Request #1 ( Project Name ) ( Feature )
Ex 2: Funding Request #1 ( Project Name ) ( Company )

Post Structure


Please indicate the funding amount you are requesting from the Treasury for your project and how you want it to be allocated.

Ex: Total Budget: 25 000 USD.

Allocation: 5000 USD monthly.

If you need specific expertise such as smart contract development, security auditing, marketing, etc., please specify the specific competencies you need.

Ex: Smart contract development / Security auditing.

Ambassador Name

If your funding request has been referred to an ambassador, please identify him/her.

Ex: Jae.

Project Description

Describe your project and its main purposes in the following structure:

1.) What is the problem?
2.) How big is the market and who are our competitors?
3.) The solution.
4.) Risks.
5.) Conclusion.

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