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What is Callisto Network?

Callisto Network is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum protocol with its cryptocurrency (CLO).

Launched by the developers of Ethereum Commonwealth (Ethereum Classic), Callisto Network focuses its attention on the weakness of the cryptocurrency space, namely the security.

Since 2018, Callisto has made numerous contributions to improve Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS and has conducted over 350 smart contracts audits, making us the leader of the crypto-security industry.

Who founded Callisto Network?

Callisto Network was funded in 2018 by Dexaran and Yohan Graterol, two developers of Ethereum Commonwealth (Ethereum Classic).

Is Callisto Network (CLO) a token or a coin?

Callisto Network is not a token. It is a mineable coin with “CLO” as ticker.

Is Callisto an ICO?

Callisto Network is not an ICO and had no pre-mined coins. It started as a self-sustained and self-funded blockchain ecosystem.

What are the advantages of Callisto Network as a blockchain?

Callisto Network is a proof-of-work blockchain with a strong emphasis on security. Callisto has never been 51% attacked or hacked.

Transactions are fast and cheap, with an average of 0.000003 USD per transaction.

What is the total supply of Callisto coin (CLO)?

The current total supply of Callisto Network is 6,5 Billion CLO.

Our following Monetary Policy will introduce a burn mechanism to reduce and limit the total supply at 3 Billion CLO.

For more info about our following monetary policy, click here.

You can check the current circulating and total supply at Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.

How to get Callisto Network coins?

Callisto Network (CLO) coins can be obtained in different ways:

  • By mining CLO, for further information about mining, see our Mining section.
  • You can buy CLO on exchanges.
  • As part of the community, you can support Callisto on social media and be rewarded by doing so.

Where I can trade Callisto Network coins?

You can trade Callisto Network coins (CLO) on the following exchanges:

  • Bitfinex - (No KYC) Withdrawal Fee: 1 CLO
  • HitBTC - Withdrawal Fee: 263 CLO
  • STEX - (No KYC for registered users) Withdrawal Fee: 50 CLO
  • Bitcoin Exchange - Withdrawal Fee: 32.9 CLO

To register and trade CLO on Bitfinex, just follow our guide!

Is Callisto Network listed in CoinMarketCap?

Yes, Callisto Network is listed on many cryptocurrency directories:

Where to find out more about Callisto Network?

You can have a look at our Whitepaper and our News Archive, or you can check our social media:

Make sure to join our Telegram chat, where our community is the most active!

Are there other projects related to Callisto Network?

Callisto Network is an ecosystem with many projects, you’'ll find them below:

  • Soy.Finance
  • Callisto Enterprise
  • Immortal Lottery
  • CryptoBot

Are there plans to make Callisto Network POS?

Callisto Network is not planning to switch to POS in the near future.

Are there CLO coins Airdrops or Giveaways?

Yes! The community is a key part of Callisto Network, and we enjoy involving it in many ways.

Depending on our news, we organize Twitter contests regularly.

To be sure to take part in our giveaways, just set up CryptoBot!

I have not received the coins, what about my transaction?

You can track the transactions on our block explorer.


What wallets are supporting Callisto Network?

Callisto Network is supported by several wallets:

Hardware wallets:


Is CLO mineable?

Yes, Callisto coin is based on Ethash/Dagger Hashimoto algorithm and can be mined via Solo Mining or a Mining Pool.

Where to check Callisto Network metrics?

You can see the network metrics on this page.

How do I mine CLO?

You can mine CLO with a GPU that has at least 4GB of memory. The difficulty might increase during the time.

What is the CLO mining profitability?

You can calculate the profitability of CLO mining using the mining calculators:

Where do I find the mining pools list?

The CLO mining pools are listed here.

How many CLO are rewarded per block?

The current CLO block reward is 77,76 CLO, which is then spread:

  • 50% or 38.88 CLO to the miners.
  • 40% or 31.10 CLO to Cold Stakers.
  • 10% or 7.77 CLO to the Treasury fund.

I have a mining pool. How do I get featured on your website?

While we appreciate your support and effort in creating mining pools for the Callisto Network, we have decided to have some basic rules for listing pool information on our website.

Note that we are the first coin that has implemented such rules.

Why are we coming up with rules?

Some pools are very professional and look after their miners, and some are not. At Callisto Network, we only want to feature and highlight the best mining pools that give the best customer experience for its users.

What are our rules for listing pools on our website?

  • We will feature pools that have at least 3 GH/s or 50 active miners.
  • If the pool stopped working or doesn’t have active miners for a while, it will be removed from our website.

If your pool meets the criteria listed above, feel free to create a new issue on Github or to contact us by email.

Note: All pools listed on our website will also be promoted via our social media.


What is a smart contract?

A smart contract can be defined as a computer protocol or code intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance. The code and the multi-party agreements it contains sit on a distributed and decentralized blockchain network.

What is the Security Department?

The Security Department is a team of smart contract auditors working for Callisto Network.

The team works on various tasks based on the audit request.

Why do we need smart contract audits?

An audit is a method to prevent smart contracts hacks.

If you want to learn more about smart contract audits, see our article “Why audit smart contracts”.

What makes Callisto Network’s audits different?

The crucial point is the way we perform our security audits.

We believe that automated tools and formal verification cannot provide sufficient security for mission-critical systems and DApps, therefore we rely on real auditors to conduct our audits.

What is the cost of an audit?

The audit fee is 500 USD + (0.5 USD per line of code).

We accept ETH, CLO, and USDT as payments.

Callisto Network adheres to the policy of financial transparency. All the received payments are recorded, described, stored, and represented publicly.

How to audit my smart contract with Callisto?

To audit your smart contract with Callisto Network, just submit an audit request on Github.

What projects have been audited by Callisto Network?

Since 2018 Callisto Network Security Department audited over 350 projects, you can find our most popular audit reports on our blog and the complete list on Github.


What is Cold Staking?

Cold staking is not related to proof of stake or a consensus mechanism, therefore there is no need to run a node or make a wallet available online 24/7.

The cold staking contract collects 40% of all mining rewards and distributes it to the cold stakers in direct proportion to their holdings.

What are the compatible wallets?

Several wallets support Callisto Cold Staking, below are the staking guides for compatible wallets.

What is the minimum amount of CLO for Cold Staking?

There is no minimum amount for Cold Staking, but if you want to stake using CryptoBot, the minimum amount is 10 CLO.

When staking, you need to keep some CLO on your wallets to cover transaction fees (~1 CLO is enough).

What is the minimum staking duration?

The minimum staking period is 27 days (a round), but it can be increased to 324 days (12 rounds) to increase your profits.

More information about Cold Staking can be found in the protocol description.

What is the Cold Staking ROI?

The Cold Staking reward is not predictable. It is dynamically calculated depending on the CLO block reward and the number of coins staked.

Can I add CLO to an active staking?

Yes, you can add coins to an active staking, but the current round progression will be reset.


What is CryptoBot?

CryptoBot provides Telegram users with a full range of features such as storing coins and tokens, earning passive income, or sending crypto simply by replying to chat messages.

What cryptocurrencies are supported by Cryptobot?

Cryptobot supports the most popular cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Callisto Network
  • Ethereum Classic

And much more! You can view all the supported assets here.

Which languages are available in the user interface?

CryptoBot currently supports 13 languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Georgian
  • Korean
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

What are the fees involved?

Cryptobot is free to use, you only pay the transaction fees to miners, but fees can be applied to advertising features.

How to earn CLO with CryptoBot?

CryptoBot allows you to earn community rewards for supporting Callisto Network on social media!

Here’s a guide to get you started quickly!

Is this possible to invest in crypto with CryptoBot?

Yes, with CryptoBot, you can invest in cryptocurrency and get a passive monthly income without any KYC.

For more information, click here.


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