Callisto Coin Shiba Inu Proposal

Project Title:

Callisto Coin Shiba Inu Proposal


Leverage the current engagement and interest in Shiba Inu to drive awareness of Callisto Coin. This will be accomplished by taking several actions to engage Shiba Inu coin owners and promoters to help drive awareness and ultimately adoption and use of Callisto Coin and Callisto Entreprise Token. Engage in a campaign to convert Shiba Inu supporters to users of Callisto Coin by announcing and conducting a self-funded Security Audit of Shiba Inu and exploring the possibility of adding a Shiba Inu/Callisto Coin pairing on the upcoming Soy Finance platform.

Current Situation:

Shiba Inu has a significant following on Social Media, including Twitter and Reddit. Below is a high level look at today’s key metrics:


  • Shib Army @ShibArmy 135.6K followers vs Callistoians with 1,330 followers and Callisto Network with 1,859 followers
  • Coin Market Cap lists that Shiba Inu coin is watched by 992,429 individuals vs Callisto Coin 7,620

Shiba Inu Rankings:

  • Shiba Inu Coin Market Cap ranked #29
  • Shiba Inu CoinGecko ranked #26
  • Callisto Coin Market Cap ranked #648
  • Callisto Coin CoinGecko ranked #637

Project Goals:

  • Use marketing and social media to announce the intention of Callisto Coin to conduct a self funded security audit of Shiba Inu to determine if the coin meets the security requirements to be added to the upcoming Soy Finance Platform. The outcome of this activity is to drive engagement with and from the Shiba Inu social media followers and raise awareness of Callisto Coin and the numerous upcoming projects scheduled to be deployed.
  • Create a way for Shiba Inu coin holders to engage directly with Callisto Coin and Callisto Enterprise Tokens and other offerings through the Soy Finance Defi site.
  • The engagement of a broader audience should result in increased volume of Callisto Coin and ultimately result in the potential for improved valuation.
  • Allows a way for Callisto Coin holders to interact with Coinbase through the Shiba Inu pairing improving liquidity for U.S. Callisto Coin holders and opening up a way to move in and out coins through the most established exchange in the U.S. (Pending Coinbase Shiba Inu pairings)


  • This project will be funded by Callisto Enterprises

Testing and Certification:

  • Testing and Audit funded by Callisto Security

Hello MyCryptoOdyssey!

Thank you for your proposal, we have discussed it with the team yesterday, and it is currently under review.

We will keep you posted!


it is a good proposal but instead of shiba inu , why not dogecoin ? dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency that has a very active dogearmy…if Callisto conduct an audit to some how benefit the dogecoin , every one will look at it and who knows even maybe Elon musk like it…there so many of youtubers that only go live for dogecoin …any way i just gave a idea and there are so many other good ideas that you people can sugest .


I like the idea! Marketing is all in this years and SHIBAINU Community will be push as well in next weeks, bcs of market maybe. :slight_smile:


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Idea is great. Why limiting to just one or two coins? If we can have the top 10 meme coins by trading volume this will be huge success for Clo. Even better will be if team makes free audit of their contracts to gain their audience loyalty.