Callisto Coin Large Staking Reward System

Project Title:

Callisto Coin Large Staking Reward System


This document should be read as a concept. The key takeaway should be building a mechanism in the 12th round of Cold Staking that sets a minimum amount of staked Callisto Coin to qualify for a higher multiplier value. The examples are just examples, so the amount of coin and the amount of the reward can be adjusted. This feature could be permanent, semi-permanent, or a one-time feature.


Implement an additional Cold Staking reward feature based on a tiered minimum number of Callisto Coin (CLO) that will provide an increased return based on the amount staked in the 12th staking round. This will behave similarly to the round reward system currently in place. The goal would be to drive additional purchases and accumulation of Callisto Coin to get the additional reward.

Current Situation:

Callisto Coin has implemented a system that promotes Cold Staking and helps drive supply down by limiting the number of coins in circulation. This solution offers owners of CLO the opportunity to gain a passive income. There is no minimum cold staking amount, however, there is also no mechanism to reward large CLO stakers beyond the existing reward system. This means large stakers get the same percentage return as a small staker staking the same length of time.

Project Goals:

  • Drive the price of Callisto Coin higher by encouraging larger staking amounts which could require additional purchases of CLO
  • Drive increased purchase volume
  • Drive long term holders of Callisto Coin
  • Support the reduction of Callisto Coin in circulation


  • Increased CLO price
  • Increased CLO volume
  • Reduced CLO circulation
  • Drive mining activity


  • Reduced circulating supply could impact the liquidity of the coin
  • Callisto Treasury cannot cover additional awards
  • Promotes a whale based user base


The listed multiplier replaces the existing normal 12th multiplier value for large Callisto Coin stakers.

Example Multiplier:

*Note - Consider the numbers in the example as variables meaning the amount or the multiplier or the number of Callisto Coins can be adjusted as needed to achieve optimal returns and allow the Callisto Coin Team the ability to adjust to ensure the model will work within the budget of the treasury.

 Formula Used: Staked (CLO), BaseStakerReward (BSR), Multiplier (M)                                                                                                                        
 (CLO x BSR) (M) + (CLO x BSR) = Reward

Example 1
200,000 CLO Stake for 12 rounds (Assumes a final round return of .0045 and that the staker has claimed rewards from all rounds)

 Reward without adjusted multiplier (1.0) = 1,800 CLO
 Reward with adjusted staking reward (2.0) = 2,700 CLO

Example 2
500,000 CLO Stake for 12 rounds (Assumes a final round return of .0045 and that the staker has claimed rewards from all rounds)

 Reward without adjusted multiplier (1.0) = 4,500 CLO
 Reward with adjusted staking reward (5.0) = 13,250 CLO

Example 3
1,000,000 CLO Stake for 12 rounds (Assumes a final round return of .0045 and that the staker has claimed rewards from all rounds)

Reward without adjusted multiplier (1.0) = 9,000 CLO
Reward with adjusted staking reward (11.0) = 54,000


Development by the Callisto Development Team


Testing funded and conducted by Callisto Security/Callisto Development Team


Funded by the Callisto Enterprise CLOE


Million coin stakers should be uncommon; there is the potential for 3000 using 3 billion coins in 
circulation based on future burn feature

500 One million CLO 12th round stakers = 27,000,000 CLO paid out using the above example

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Déjà même le pourcentage annuel de 9% n’est pas encourageant

“Already even the annual percentage of 9% is not encouraging”

The return from CS is variable based on the number of cold stake coins. The more that is staked the lower the return. The intent and purpose of the proposal is to make it worthwhile to lock up significant numbers of coins for long periods to reduce supply. In theory, this will raise the price, which benefits all Callisto Coin holders. I think CS V2 does a good job but if you are a whale it is not enough to lock your funds for long periods because you sacrifice liquidity and the ability to use those coins to participate in things like the SOY IDO or CHOAM. Another example is the addition of Farming, which could be more profitable than Cold Staking but your funds are locked impacting your liquidity.

As the proposal states in the Preamble that this is more a concept than a fully blown-out proposal. I am ok if people do not agree, I hope it spurs some creative thinking on ways to grow the value of Callisto Coin.

Thanks for your feedback!


I tend to agree here. I see this going two ways.

1 - farming becomes more attractive and more profitable than Cold Staking (once it’s balanced down to it’s normal range). With farming they are not locked in so people can and will go dump CLO to claim profits.

2 - farming does as described above (which I foresee happening), therefore causing less CS which will make the reward higher for those who still decide to Cold Stake.

I think this is a good preamble of an idea to consider depending on how the CS vs farming is looking in the future. CS is good, but farming is amazing!

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