[AMA] Paul Sokolov, Guarda Wallet CEO & The Callistonians

From August 9th to 13th, Paul Sokolov, CEO of Guarda wallet, answered questions from the community about Callisto Monetary Policy, Cold Staking , and Soy.Finance.

Admin: Ladies and gentlemen, AMA with Paul Sokolov, Guarda CEO, START NOW!

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Q: What is the nature and what are the advantages of the collaboration between Callisto and Guarda?

Ok, first of all, we are really glad our community gets to know Callisto, and the other way around - Callisto community comes to Guarda Wallet to use it and stays with us.

As for the advantages, the list of features we support is quite extensive. For example, we support currency-specific features, like staking and we have recently supported CLO staking v2.0, which was really requested by the community.

Q: With the multitude of Wallets that exist for the storage of crypto currency, what does Guarda Wallet offer the best in terms of security for those who will adopt it?

Besides, using all the best practices of web development and blockchain technology, we only partner up with companies that provide top-level security on their side. Anyway, non-custodiality is the key factor. You are the sole owner/holder of your crypto assets, only you have access to them. So basically, we could say that as long as you follow the basic set of rules to avoid scams your assets are untouchable.

All keys are stored in your backup file which is encrypted with one of the safest encryption methods- the AES method. Moreover, with Guarda, you can use multisigs for additional security - for example, you can use 2 keys to access your wallet. This way you can make sure the highest level of security is provided.

Q: When Guarda first started; you had a built in Air-Drop/Learning feature that you used to teach people about certain chains. Ever think of bringing it back or starting one with Callisto?

I like the price charts, just need some Coin Tokenomics under each coin!

It’s great to know you have been with us for such a long time, and it’s great to know you enjoyed the quizzes! In case there is demand from the community, we will for sure consider launching more campaigns like that! Right now, we are focusing on the development, but I’m sure we’ll find some time for such an activity.

Q: CALLISTO has a large community in Africa. What are the plans of Guarda wallet for the African community for the adoption of this wallet?

Africa is a really nice developing region with a lot of opportunities, especially when it comes to crypto. In case we do regional politics we will definitely start with Africa.

Currently, we do not have any particular communities for Guarda supporters in specific regions when it comes to Telegram groups for discussions and stuff. But we are definitely going to work in this direction along with supporting more languages, etc.

Q: What motivated you to create Guarda wallet and to include Callisto in it?

Initially, Guarda Wallet was created as a single currency wallet for Ethereum. However, some time later we changed the vision and progressed beyond that. Basically, we want to build a product that will let users manage their funds in a single place. So they can do anything with their funds without leaving the wallet.

For example, they can not only send/ receive money but also: buy, exchange, stake, lend, issue their own tokens, and much more. We want to build an ecosystem of services replacing legacy financial services.

Q: I am glad to welcome you, friends! I would like to know what innovations await the Guarda Wallet project in the near future.

What goals does Guarda Wallet need to set to become the best wallet for storing cryptocurrency?

Guarda already is the best wallet for storing cryptocurrencies because it is much more than just a wallet :slight_smile:

Take a look at our features list and show me some other wallet that has got all of these:

  1. Over 11 assets are available for staking as well as some of them are fully validated and maintained by us
  2. Multi signatures
  3. Crypto Loans
  4. AML checks
  5. WalletConnect
  6. Human-Readable Addresses
  7. Create your own ERC20 token as well as store absolutely any ERC20 token
  8. Purchases through SEPA transfers
  9. Integration with Ledger Nano S
  10. Available on all platforms, including web browser

Moreover, all of the above is fully non-custodial with you being the sole owner of all of your assets. Also, we have recently launched a referral program. Currently, users can earn rewards by inviting others to the app, but in the near future, there will be a lot more use cases, like cashback, memberships, etc. And we are not going to stop.

Q: Thanks to the Guarda team for the good work they are already doing. I would like to know if Guarda will support CLOE and also if it will be possible to launch Cold staking V2.0 from Guarda’s e-wallet soon?

Thank you! We would definitely consider adding support for CLOE. I mean, we always listen to our community when it comes to the addition of new assets. As for the Callisto, Cold staking 2.0 - it is already supported on web and desktop versions.

Q: Guarda’s token ( GRD) is on the ethereum blockchain. Do you think that in the near future it would be possible to have this token on Callisto’s blockchain ?

Thank you so much for the idea. This is definitely a possibility though there are quite a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration. As Callisto’s ecosystem will grow and expand there will be a more clear picture of how we could proceed with this idea.

Q: Guarda wallet is unique and special. What I would like to know is the following: in case of transaction of my crypto to the wrong address, is there a mechanism in place to help recover the crypto currencies?

That’s a good one. Well, currently, there are not many blockchains with such features, but a few of them. There are so-called reversible transactions. Essentially, this does not mean they can be just ‘canceled’, this is not how the blockchain works. Once the record in the blockchain is made - it is made, you cannot erase it or cancel. You can just create a new record. But there is a solution to a problem like you are mentioning. It’s called HRA - Human readable addresses.

They ensure you won’t send your funds to the wrong address because they don’t look like a set of some numbers and letters - you choose the name you would like to have yourself, so it would look like ‘[email protected]’. This helps you make sure you won’t send your funds to another person just because you missed a number or a letter in the crypto address.

Q: There are several Electronic crypto storage wallets; what innovations would you like to bring to Guarda to make it particular and specific compared to others?

We do get a lot of such questions. As for the innovations we’d like to bring - we want to build an ecosystem of services that will let users fully manage their funds without hustle, fast, and without leaving the wallet. It’s also worth mentioning that Guarda Wallet is a good choice for both experienced users and novices. We ensure that the interface is user-friendly and everyone can use the platform in a convenient way. I cant but mention that Guarda Wallet is an indeed feature-rich wallet. The rest of the wallets simply do not support all the functionality we do.

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